Human Acknowledgment

Basically, I was thinking today about how what we do as humans will always have a negative impact on people (this is more towards love and these are just my inner thoughts I wrote down. Meaning if grammar is poor, this isn’t supposed to be correct considering it’s just me speaking my mind.) So, meaning that we will never be able to please everyone inside of our life and by not being able to please people is something wrong with us. We should be able to understand one another’s thoughts, but since we’re so diverse and different inside of head levels and the way we think about things;we will never become a perfect race that can fully understand what the other person is thinking. Since we can’t come to full understandings with each other, there are things that we try to do to fix it and become better people. Which isn’t how the world works, for then it wouldnt be doing something that the person changing would do naturally. It’d make that person a fake with illusions, since we can imagine things and are the only species alive that can imagine. We can create way more illusions inside of each others minds than anything else ever could. The way our life works is super unfair and mostly goes for what that particualr persons goals and love interest are inside of life. We will fuck everything and anyone over to obtain meaning it doesn’t understand the way that life is supposed to be. Doing what you want is going to end up hurting a lot of others and making them imperfect even more, for what they thought you had was real and etc. Anyways, We as Humans are such an imperfect race it’s saddening. We all have so many flaws that nobody could ever realize and even if they did and they spent their whole life time thinking about it, they couldn’t ever come up with a solution to it. It’d affect the way others think about it and people have their own opinons. There will never be a time in histroy that all humans can come into one understanding with each other at the nature of the heart and soul. Everyone’s  created equal is a lie. Everyone is created with some type of special unique special quality. Mine just so happens to have people see things the way I’d see it inside of my head, or maybe that’s being to confident. Anyways, humans aren’t aware of the things like hurting peoples souls and crushing them to a point of no return. Literally breaking them down mentally and making them suffer, while they go on and do what they’d like to do. We’re so imperfect and diverse in this world that nobody will even notice it. It’s something that I’d say, is a curse on humans. We are not meant to be perfect, nor will we ever will be. We will always have different sides to everything and it will effect someone so emotionally you can’t even imagine it. It’s literally that, WE ALL BRING PAIN OF SOME SORT INTO EVERYONE AROUND US  AND WE WILL NEVER FIND A WAY OF MAKING PAIN GO AWAY. We’re just humans, and we all have our limits on how much we can change the world. Some are born to change it drastically in the way we think; others are only meant to change a persons. Others are only meant for themselves. I’m just a teen in 10th grade that thinks to much about things. I’m awkward, I’m quiet and all I think about is being alone. Also, how everyone else always affects others and it’s so stupid how everyone goes on and says how we’re created with equal terms of everything we aren’t made to make EVERYTHING IN OUR LIFE WORK OUT. Some things will some things wont and that’s just how humans life works and that’s how we’re such an imperfect race It apply to a lot of different methods. You can think of a lot of things to go with this not just love but war, bonds, maybe even the way all humans are supposed to truely feel and unlock that feeling that nobody else can unlock but you.

Why I Exist

  I’m a tool made to soak in others pain and bare with theirs and let them go on and live free. In my mind it’s at least making impacts on peoples lives something that I couldnt do otherwise. So I’m a tool made to be used by others. so yeah… um it’s like… I also belive I will die early if you didn’t notice in my poem I had. I don’t really understand where my life is going but while I’m here I’ll make impacts on others by taking in their pain and doing things to help them out and understand things and find their way through life since mine won’t last long

My first poem

   The curve is always left undecided where to go. It dosent go forward and is left behind all alone. It dosent go backwards because it just adds more pain to the blow. That’s how they think it’s supposed to be, however I will go and break it down mentally. I will stop it from going forward to live a fake path of illusions, and start to make it have conclusions of what they’ll become after it’s dellusioned. Instead I’ll show it a brighter move, I’ll tell it to come along and follow my groove. I wont let it fall behind, for it’ll be more pain and suffering to add to mine. Letting it slip away, I know it wont see a brighter day. Me braking it down mentally will make it apart of the sidewalk along with me. This is where it’ll be cherished and noticed by everyone that comes near, forgetting the feeling of being all alone struck with fear. Inside the lines is where it’s safe from harm,and it’s also where it truely belongs. This is just your view and actions of what you’d do if you find someone just like you. People who can’t find what they want or who they are inside, sadly this is my place aside of all the rest,my home, and where I’ll die.